IGN: FF VII Overrated: Reader Reactions

Earlier this month, IGN Retro published Is Final Fantasy VII Overrated? Well, turns out that a lot of you think it is not. (And some of you even went so far as to bring mothers into it.) IGN asked you to post your thoughts about whether or not this sacred cow is indeed all that sacred. Hundreds of comments appeared. They collected some of the best for this special reader reaction mailbag.

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John Hendry Eden3505d ago

This game IT'S overrated. True classics hold-up well after several years, but this game hasn't.

- Ghost of Sparta -3505d ago

Final Fantasy VII overrated? Okay I understand that some people, myself included, are sick of everyone hailing this game as the best JRPG ever but I don't agree with the people saying it's overrated. Revolutionary? Yes. Overrated? Not even close. Yes it's old but what Final Fantasy VII started 13 years ago was so perfect that most JRPG's these days don't even try anything new and when they do, it fails. Not always, but most of the time.

Final Fantasy XII broke the tradition of having a turn-based battle system in a major FF title and look at what happened, Square-Enix tried to evolve the series while everyone else (except me) complained. I loved Final Fantasy XII because it tried something different that in my eyes was a success but the traditional JRPG fanatics failed to accept what Square-Enix was trying to do because they want things to stay exactly the same. Like Final Fantasy VII. Clearly Squaresoft did something that has held up for well over "several years".

Final_Rpg3505d ago

God I hated ff12... The battle system annoyed me so damn much. Just thinking about it makes me want to snap my game disc in half.

dalibor3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

People should realize that in FF12 you can choose to have a turn based battle system option on for the game. Its in options, or you could play FF12 without it, the choice is yours. I had it on for the most part when I played FF12, it made it easier for me to figure out which moves to do for hard bosses but that seamless gameplay made it faster to fight wimpy enemies.

I hope that FF7 eventually does get released for the Ps3. Remember that tech demo back in 06? SE make it happen somehow, someday, sometime. And make co-op online, that would be so bad*ss imo.

nnotdead3505d ago

FFVII is so overrated, but still is in my top 10 favorite games of all time.

Final_Rpg3504d ago

I know you can make turn based. But it's not the same. If you've played ff10 you'll know what I mean. Call me old fashioned but I just couldn't stand playing with that let the computer do everything system.

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Godmars2903505d ago

I think that the game has officially become overrated because its critics attack it so much and often.

Case in point the post of one John Hendry Eden: yes John, the game doesn't hold up very well, but then neither does Classic Star Trek. And look what's happening to it. Its one of the reasons FF fans are asking - begging - for a modern day remake.

KidMakeshift3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

It's a very overrated game, but it's still better than FF8 & FF9. I enjoyed it for the most part (except for the spa NAMBLA scene) back then (it was unlike anything else) but I couldn't imagine going back to it or any other old 3D game (they don't age well unlike 2D games). However, I would like to see a next-gen remake of FF 6 & 7. I would also like another film based off of it (I enjoyed Advent Children)

DNAgent3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

The game is overrated...It doesn't mean the game is bad though. It's still a good game so who cares?

I thought FF7: Crisis Core was better though (Zack FTW!).

-GametimeUK-3505d ago

I do think its the best RPG of all time... Maybe the best game of all time... But yeah I still think its very over rated by some people... I mean people actually see FF7 advent children as a good movie... But thats only because they like the game so much... So its over ratedness just causes bias judgement wherever the franchise is brought up...

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