Street Fighter IV Sales Hurt by Lack of Arcade Sticks?

BeefJack writes, "Soon after Street Fighter IV's release reports came in that arcade sticks were virtually sold out all over the country including sticks specifically created for the game and other brands not specifically marketed for the game...

This lack of arcade sticks may in fact be the reason why Street Fighter IV hasn't sold more copies..."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3500d ago

First of all, Street Fighter IV sold incredibly well. I don't recall anyone ever being concerned about Street Fighter IV's sales until now. Second, when did arcade sticks become so important? I myself would rather be playing with a DualShock controller as in my opinion, arcade sticks are too noisy and inconvenient.

In short, not many people are used to playing with arcade sticks.

2EXS3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

It is a horrible experience,maybe that's why. If you have the PS3 version you should be fine if you play with the all the "hado" guys and all the non charge characters, now if you play with guile, blanka, bison etc, I would recommend a stick,because your fingers get tired really quick.
Now playing it with the 360 pad? I would really recommend a stick or those madkaz pads,is just not worth it, all the frustration with the control takes away the fun of the game.
why the disagree?have you played with the 360 and being able to do all the combos and special moves?if you disagree at least have the courtesy to say why

- Ghost of Sparta -3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I wasn't thinking about the 360 owners actually and no I haven't played the game with the 360 pad, clearly, as I refuse to lol. That controller is useless for fighting games but good for everything else. I understand what you're saying though and it does make sense. I didn't give you any of those disagrees by the way.

Lifendz3500d ago

wants the game, but won't pick it up because arcade sticks aren't available? Fail.

If you're that much of a fan that a fighting stick means that much to you, chances are you already have one.

SmokingMonkey3500d ago

Madcatz (Hori?) sales were hurt by lack of arcade sticks

Jinxstar3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I stopped playing online anymore until I can get an arcade stick thats worth a damn. the HRAP3 or the TE SF from madkatz. It's not hurting sales at all. Just my playtime.

Check out my review of the game once it gets published here... I mention these =D. Game on.

ViceKingz3500d ago

maybe they should blame it on the fact that they couldnt get tons of copies shipped in time. 60 copies among both platforms on launch day for most stores....gimme a break. and the game is still hard to find.

DelbertGrady3500d ago

Hurt by lack of costumes ;)

Pennywise3500d ago

Dont worry.. Capcom will shove more down our throat week after week.

DNAgent3500d ago

SF4 sales are hurt by lack of arcade sticks...If you're talking about the 360 version as you practically need one to play that game. On PS3 the sales aren't hurt at all because it has a fine d-pad.

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