Thunderbolt Games: Resident Evil 5 Review

Thunderbolt writes: Resident Evil 5 is a game that doesn't know if it wants to shoot tension square between the eyes or build it up methodically through the player's imagination or fear of the unexpected, and ends up almost completely neglecting the latter whilst occasionally messing up the former. It's made the jump over to a new generation resting on its laurels but without the impact that comes with a complete (and successful) reinvention of a classic series. But if you can treat and accept it as a balls-to-the-wall action blockbuster, Resident Evil 5 is, if nothing else, a great looking and decent entry into the third person shooter genre with a great co-op mode that's worth at least one play through. It's just a shame Capcom has forgotten what it is to make me scared of the dark.


+ Great co-op mode
+ Stunning visuals
+ Well made cut scenes
+ Sheva is, more often than not, an able partner


- Awkward controls that feel stuck in the past
- No progression from Resident Evil 4
- Devoid of any tension during gameplay
- Pointless story to everyone but the hardcore fans
- Puzzles are pretty much non existent
- Awful item management system that feels like a step backwards

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sam22363500d ago

Now that's a good review!

Honestly, I don't know were the other reviews are getting their '9's and '10's from.

3498d ago