How long til Sony cuts the PS3's price?

The rumors have been around for a good while that Sony were considering a PS3 price cut, but it's only recently that we've seen some signs that everybody isn't just gossiping about a price cut, but actively wanting one. Activision's Bobby Kotick last week remarked that the PS3 wasn't really at a market-friendly price and was suffering as a result.

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Blademask3503d ago

Thats probably when.

They sold 20million ps3's at its price. They aren't concerned about catching up to MS just to do it.

kparks3503d ago

The price is a lil steep but look what you get i had no problem paying $500 for my 60 gig.... A blue ray player built in wifi and helps curing cancer. gaming MACHINE :)! with game prices so high just take the $300 you would put towards the system if it did just cost $300 and just don't buy 2 games you want there you go then you can buy one for $400 and put some money in the bank!!! But $300 would be a really nice price to see for the gaming fans that are right there but just cant afford it yet....i'm only buying a select few games this year cuz i just cant afford it and that really sucks because there are so many good ones

MasFlowKiller3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

its really a case of you get what you buy
i got my ps3 on day one, normally a person would b!tch about the price drop but I know it didn't sell 20 million in 2 years because is has nothing to offer

jcfilth3503d ago

In a couple of months.

jamesrocks31473503d ago

june the latest mayb late april/may time could only be £50 quid and then another £50 quid before xmas mayb or just give it £100 quid off str8 away i think 50 quid is better then nothing however 100 quid would make a mazzive impact. it would be selling fast and it would start outselling xbox 360 on a monthly bases again

with 100 quid off

the great games ps3 now has and has to come

free online and the adoption of blu-ray

hopefully 2.70 firmware gives us in game private chat across all games and movies xmb and so on.

PS3 will have a fantastic year the games like god of war 3 and a cheap price tag but also one key thing needs to go along with all of this ADVERTISING come on sony i no u have a good advertising stragey in the works for all your new games this year what i want 2 see is really pluging it advertising ps3 cheap with cool new games like god of war 3 and killzone 2 has u already have more advertisments then xbox 360 and more posters in bus stops ect.

this is the year where sony really needs to make its moves

-EvoAnubis-3503d ago

-EvoAnubis- - 9 hours ago

3 -

At this point....
...I think I'd really like to see a price cut simply so sites would stop writing articles on the subject.

Then again, after it happens, we'll just get flooded with articles saying they didn't cut the price ENOUGH, but still, at least it'd be progress.

XxZxX3503d ago

As long as these depression keep continue, there wont be a pricecut

Omegasyde3503d ago

Actually entertainment Items Games/Movies haven't seen that big of a negative impact and the Wii is still selling quite well.

All Sony has to do is get over the initial hurdle of the big ticket item (the ps3 itself), and should recoup cost as more people are renting/purchasing/ games and blu-ray titles. Hence the reason Sony keeps upping the Hard drive, so more people get digital items without worrying about space.

Also in the US Digital Conversion is coming soon, with many people opting to just buy a HD tv instead of trying to get a transistor(?) box.

HD gaming and movies will see a big impact toward the 2nd half of the year.

Mindboggle3502d ago

Like the guy above me said....The game industry isnt remotely effected by the credit crunch...

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