Portal only four hours long

It won't take forever to finish Valve's Portal, reckons level designer Kim Swift, who guided us through a playable demo of the game at last week's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

"Currently the game runs about four hours," she told us.

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THAMMER14631d ago

I bet you get your @ss kicked all thruoght too. This is going to be awesome.

PS3Wii4631d ago

Is 4 hours of fun worth $60?

Lucidmantra4631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

DUde you dont just get Portal you get HL2, TF, EP1 and EP2 also...

This is well worth $60 as HL2 is simply put one of the best games released for any computer or console.

Just helping you out. PORTAL was a student project and as such if you were expecting a full 10-20 hour game you are seriously expecting to much. Portal will be a cool demo of what the HL2 mod comunity is doing and maybe a stellar example of it.

PS360WII4631d ago

It'll probably come with Half Life 2 or Team Fortress. I really don't see this coming out solo. I've seen the previews and all, and this game while intresting doesn't seem like they can do alot with it. We'll see though

OC_MurphysLaw4631d ago

See that is what is misleading about this article. They make it sound like Portal is a $60 game! NO, portal is a added value "mini-game" if you will to the Half-Life2 bundled game. You get Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2 along with Portal. You essentially get 3 games if you are buying the PC version for $60. And if you are getting the PS3 or 360 version you are getting 4! HL2: Episodes 1&2 plus Team Fortress 2 and Portal.

So HECK YES THIS IS WORTH $60 imo....assuming ofcourse the other games themselves are good.

zonetrooper54631d ago

I still can't wait for this game to come out though, i'm gonna get it for my PC instead of my Xbox 360.

PS360PCROCKS4631d ago

Never played any half life games but I MIGHT pick this up...cause my friends love half life so we'll see...

nirwanda4631d ago

do you know that the xbox version is backward compatible with the 360 and looks stunning upscaled and with AA and can be picked up really cheap of corse you can always wait for the 360 version which will have the expansion packs etc.

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