Bizarre: "We Wanted Geo Wars to be Free"

Ben Ward, Community and Web lead at Bizarre Creations, has revealed the developer originally wanted the cult classic Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved to be given away free on Xbox Live Arcade as "a gift to hardcore gamers".

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Neutral Gamer4634d ago

Wow, considering how well it's sold, it's a good thing Bizarre Creations decided to charge for it. Must have brought in a nice amount of cash.

zonetrooper54634d ago

I still bought the game, its still one of the best games to buy on the Xbox Live arcade. Most of the other games are really crappy.

The Snake4634d ago

I still play it when I have 5 or 10 minutes to blow.

mishmosh4634d ago

At 400pts, this is the best value on XBLA. Unlike some games where you hit a brick wall in difficulty, this game ramps up with learned skill. Just when you think you can't get any higher, you break your personal best. Superb!