Spielberg serious about EA collaboration

It appears that Peter Jackson isn't the only big-time film director seriously interested in creating games, with GameDaily revealing today that Steven Spielberg regularly attends EA in order to work on the games he's playing a role in the development of.

EA's Neil Young revealed to the website that Spielberg spends between one and four hours a week at the company. "Steven's in the studio about once a week, anywhere from 1 to 4 hours; he swings by and he's in the office by about 8:30 and usually leaves like 11:00 or midday," Young revealed.

"It's everything you'd hoped the relationship would be but were nervous to ask upfront. It's really wonderful spending time with him... he's incredibly creative and just has such a great sense of what entertains people."

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Shadow Flare4633d ago

grief. what's gonna come out of this? Need for Speed vs. ET: The Movie?

Rasputin20114633d ago

WTF is the actual point of this news??