EBA PREVIEW: Guitar Hero: Metallica

Metallica had more riding on the release of their 2008 CD Death Magnetic than whether or not it would sell well as DLC for Guitar Hero: World Tour; in many ways, it was a do or die follow-up to the outrageously awful pair of St. Anger and the film Some Kind Of Monster. Well, as most of you know, Death Magnetic has scored big with both steady fans and golden oldies who had written the band off after Bob Rock and Top 40 got their hooks into them in the early ninties, so it makes sense now that Activision Blizzard has come calling to book the thrash veterans their own headlining gig atop the newest Guitar Hero box. We got to play all the new Metallica songs at a recent hands-on event in San Francisco and we walked away with some interesting impressions. So how is it shaping up?

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