PlayStation 3: Home Of The Groundbreaking Exclusive?

PSXExtreme Writes: It's always difficult to talk about overall quality when comparing games across all genres and platforms. Therefore, perhaps it's best to assess the innovation and groundbreaking design and creativity; when we do this, we come to the logical conclusion that when it comes to platform exclusives, the PlayStation 3 leads the pack.

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gamersden4641d ago

ofcourse we dont still know what SONY's secret game is like

but MAG/HR/GOW3 all are groundbreaking
KZ2 has killed all console games for me

yep the game is that good

Snoogins4641d ago

By "Sony's secret game" are you referring to the game a BBC journalist mentioned so long ago and no further information has been found? I wonder if there ever was a game, and if so, it's still in development or has found its way to the chopping block. I remember at some point it was rumoured to be a ninja game titled Sillouhette. I asked my girlfriend's brother, who used to work for Sony, about it and all he would say is, "Nice try. If there was a game like that, I wouldn't be able to tell you anything about it."

fishd4641d ago

Speaking of that so called secret game,Eurogamer's staff saw it too :

T-Baggins4641d ago

Very true and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

RememberThe3574641d ago

I have to agree. Sony seems to pride themselves on innovation even more then sales. I say keep it up. No only do they push boundaries but they do it well.

Danja4641d ago

Sony has really stepped up there game this gen when it comes to 1st party Exclusives and it shows..

whenever there is a most anticipated games list you can bet 7/10 games will be a Sony game..XD

StephanieBBB4641d ago

That it's better to have 7 fresh IP's selling 300k each than having 3 games selling 600k each, based on older franchises.

Sevir044641d ago

Ground breaking Graphics on consoles, Killzone 2.

Ground Breaking social hub, Home.

Ground breaking Innovative console game LBP

Ground breaking Online games over 32 players.. resistance:FOM Resistance 2, and Soon to be MAG!!!

Yeah they do have quite plenty ground breaking exclusives doing things no other console has been able to do yet. and still doing more. ^^ i cant wait to see what the future holds

ThanatosDMC4641d ago

Agreed. Also, soon to have a very innovative game called Eye Pet.

Narutone664641d ago

My daughter has been asking me when Eyepet will be available. I've even bought the games "Trial of Topoq" and "Operation: Creature Feature" just to make the most use of the PS Eye. Believe me, they are really awesome games. I'm just waiting for my son to get older so that we could play Eye of Judgment together.

UltraNova4641d ago

I like the fact that you get your kids involved in gaming. I see my self in the years to come to be doing the same thing. But be careful to put away the nasty ones before you go to work (GTA)!

MURKERR4641d ago

but then i think of kz2's graphics and im torn :)

TwistedMetal4641d ago

thats why Im always angry when some x360 owners bash these awesome games and hype there games which arent even close to groundbreaking in any way. yeah gears had a nice little cover system but compared to all ps3 games and what sony has been doing the x360 fails in comparison. This is why I chose sony becuase they are moveing gameing forward constantly and bringing fresh innovative new ideas, ips, and upgradeing classic games with innovativeness and tons of nostalgia. Sony is always number one in my book untill another company can even do half of what they do.

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The story is too old to be commented.