Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

Will your tribe survive?

Last Day of Work is proud to present Chapter 2 of the "Virtual Villagers" series, the casual downloadable game for Windows and Macintosh computers that simulates a small village and allows the player to manage and guide the villagers as they live, work, mate and grow.

Virtual Villagers is unique among real-time games, in that the little villagers will continue to live, prosper, or die, even if the game is off. The game can only be suspended if set on pause.

"Virtual Villagers is a fun combination of simulation and virtual pet games, letting gamers raise their own little tribe, as well as exploring a rich and mysterious island." said Arthur Humphrey, LDW's chief executive. "With Chapter 2, entitled Virtual Villagers – The Lost Children, we are excited to also introduce some new mechanics into the game that are proving to be quite addicting."

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