Microsoft's Live on PC: An Identity Crisis

Why does MS believe you'll pay for Live on PC?

As previously reported (but not confirmed), Microsoft's Gold Live service on PC will cost $49.95 per year, and, as it is on Xbox 360, the Silver service will be free. However, unlike the Silver level on Xbox 360, the PC Silver feature set includes free online play.

Yet, in Halo 2 Vista, which ships May 8, players can only unlock multiplayer achievements with a Gold subscription...

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FordGTGuy4634d ago

Why is everyone so fast to complain about it when they hear the price but don't even think about what they are getting out of it? The price will be 50$ a year but before you post "How could MS do this to PC gamers!" think about the advantages you are getting from the service. Unified friends list, achievements, matchmaking, Live Anywhere, and most likely all of the other features that come with Xbox Live. If you already own an Xbox Live account you don't even have to pay more your account will just be carried over onto your computer for free. The Windows Live service will also include the Silver Account and all the things accompanied by the Xbox Live Silver Accounts. You are not being forced to use the service to play games online but its a better way to play games online.

ASSASSYN 36o4634d ago

I am confident that if you have live already on your xbox or xbox 360 you won`t need to pay. All MS products are linked. My account info on my 360 is the same for my Zune. They both use the same info and gamer points to get music. So calm down especially if you already have Xbox-live.

0LDSCH00L4634d ago

The writer of this article is just a nitpicking little [email protected]#!!! doesn't matter what anyone does theres always someone thats going to whine about it, I was a PC gamer long before I broke down and bought a console, jeez its not like MS is charging for use of the PC side of the internet!

XxZxX4634d ago

It's very cool for existing for XBOX 360 owners. Very Cool

Not cool for new PC people.

0LDSCH00L4634d ago

I think this is a great idea Id love game with my PC brothers! and visa versa.

THAMMER14634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

Live is a community. We are paying for organization and structure with voice,and video chat. Any one buy mid. or high grade gas? You get a large lection of games what will play well on - line with people you keep close and share the experience with. I love playing with my family and friends online all across the country. We do not have to talk about the games on the phone have to wait for a visit. You are experiencing it together uninterrupted. And it is the [email protected]!T too. LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.