In The Hot Seat: ATI's Phil Rogers

Phil Rogers joined ATI Technologies in 1994 as manager of the 3D drivers group, and led the development of the D3D, OpenGL, and Mac Rave drivers for the Rage series of graphics chips.

In 1999, Phil moved to an architectural role and has been responsible for 3D driver architecture and 3D performance optimization for the Radeon series of GPUs. An important part of that role has been to work closely with Microsoft on the evolution of the Direct3D API/DDI and on the development of the Windows Display Driver Model for Windows Vista.

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OldSchoolGamer4635d ago

We'll see if they deliver on that movie quality rendered graphics in ten years.

Rooted_Dust4635d ago

Where are the DX10 cards!?!?! We need some competition for Nvidia, then the prices can go down.