No TMNT for Australian XBLA, and we know why. investigates the reason behind the Xbox Live Arcade version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles not making it to the Australian (and other regions) Xbox Live networks.

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marionz5806d ago

and i just downloaded it, its a shame it doesnt live up to my childhood memories, so i downloaded the megadrive version its better

jpod5806d ago

Can't Konami release something that is theirs and override the license or something? I don't know, so I'm just wondering.

shotty5806d ago the reason why content gets held back....It also the reason why Viva Pinata shows go to everyone its because microsoft holds the licence for that IP.

The Snake5805d ago

Apparently not you. I for one loved this game when I was a kid and will happily pay $5 for it when I get home.