No One Cares About Xbox Community Games?

Ryan Rigney of begs the question of why NO ONE is reviewing XNA games. Shouldn't a gaming platform with over 200 games have critics weighing in on it? This is discussed, and some ideas are tossed out, after the jump.

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Cajun Chicken4649d ago

Yeah, XNPlay does, but with some of the horrible games and clones people can submit as Community games are awful, they mainly take the mick out of the badly designed games or shameless clones. They've only found about 8 or so good games so far and one of those is even better as a freeware game on the PC 'DuoTrix'.

RKRigney4649d ago

Yeah that site is mentioned in the article, but they don't provide scores, which for short-form games like XNA community games is pretty lame.

Cajun Chicken4649d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

Yeah, but I think that since its connected to RetroRemakes, thats the way they choose to review them, even the reviews of the remakes on the main site (appears to be down now) are pretty sarcastic.
Someone probably should, but they'd be wasting a heck of a lot of money because nobody's making anything really that good and original unless review copies were somehow sent.
Sometimes (IndieGames) ends up doing slight reviews, a lot more in detail, less sarcastic, but no scores either, sometimes he has interviews, but doesn't really do much to do with the whole XNA movement because nobody with talent appears to be making games up there.

I find the idea of XNA exciting, but nothings got me tempted to spend my points yet.

Its a shame, because I thought that XNA Community Games was going to be like another Net Yaroze on Playstation and something I could really like on the 360. It's still pretty early in life, just the same way that Home is for the PS3, things can only get better, I guess.

RKRigney4649d ago

Yeah at least there are free demos for all games. That way, if you have the time, you can just queue up a bunch that look interesting and test them out.

The Lazy One4649d ago

is for microsoft to just make a community review site. Just take the database of games from here:

and pop on a user review thing like on metacritic or amazon or some butts. It wouldn't be hard at all, and would really be a great thing for the service.

ParanoidMonkey4649d ago

I totally agree. That'd be a great idea. My problem with XNA games is that it's so hard to discern quality, and none of them are marketed to me so I forget the service even exists. Maybe with the next dashboard update, the could integrate a rating service into the marketplace and you could search by highest rating.

One of my favorite parts about Steam is that every game's Metacritic score is displayed on the shopping menu, and I can quickly check reviews and decide if its a worthy purchase. Hell, Microsoft could learn a lot from Steam with their Marketplace approach but that's a post for another day...

Bnet3434649d ago

I liked Dishwasher and that crayon drawing game :3

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RKRigney4649d ago

Microsoft could also let the community review games ala the iTunes store.

GWAVE4649d ago

Though Xbox Community games were certainly a good IDEA (who wouldn't want the a PC-esque indie scene on a console?), the execution was terrible.

People can argue. People can point to all two of the worthwhile games from XNA. The fact remains that XNA on the 360 has produced zero (that would be "0", nil, nada) games up to par with the other games available for download on Live Arcade, and that's after three years since XNA launched.

RKRigney4649d ago

er... but haven't games only been available for download on 360 for 3 months? And how are we to know that none of them are good? Surely some must be good. That's why we need reviewers.

GWAVE4649d ago

@ RKRigney

The problem is that none of them ARE good.

And three months available =/= three months being developed. There's a difference. The XNA community has been able to use the tools since 2006, like I said.

original seed4649d ago

There are some that are good. I have about 5.

Just becasue you dont like them does not mean they are not good.

We know your a Sony Fanboy. I bet if PSN had this then they would ALL be good, Right?

Qdog4649d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

Why must you bring bias and disrespect to a fellow gamer? Why cant you just say that you disagree, and give your reason without insults/slanderies, and without degrading the community more with needless console based hate? Let me ask, what system(s) do you own? Because I think I'm starting to see a pattern. Just out of curiousity. Back on topic, can anyone tell me if you still have to pay extra to use the XNA benefits? If not, then I need to go check it out, I have left XNA alone since it's infancy, because of the subscription price even after paying to use my internet, and paying to use Live. So much nickel and diming. Thank you in advance for both your time, and your consideration.

caffman4649d ago

and now its being released on xbla

DelbertGrady4649d ago

I think he's whining because you don't have to stand in virtual qeues to play XNA games.

But I still can't access them here in Europe! Get your act together MS!

ActionBastard4649d ago

The games you stand in virtual queues for are worth playing when compared to XNA Community Games. And that's sad.

Kushan4649d ago

Why are people surprised that a lot of the games are "crap"? Have you looked at youtube, at all? What percentage of the videos on there do you think are actually worth watching? 1%? At best?

It's not easy making a game. It's really really not. And it takes more than 3 months to really make anything worthwhile.

cherrypie4648d ago

The toolset isnt "3 years old". XNA 3.0 -- with LIVE Suppor (net code and ability to publish to Xbox) -- has been out for less than 6 months.

A very worthwhile group of games has been built up, and you can see the over-all quality getting better and better. I review the new releases all the time -- i've bought a few games too -- and I can see the titles getting bigger, more technically capable and better looking/playing all the time.

XNA is a game-changer for the console industry, the only people who think otherwise have an agenda.

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M3rkMast3r4649d ago

I thought Revenge of the Ball was a really good XNA Game.

keyvanv4649d ago

Try Mithra, Episode 1, Chapter 1! You will enjoy it.

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