Cory Barlog on God of War II

In a recent interview with shacknews, God Of War II dev Cory Barlog lifts the lid on all things GoW.


"It was unbelievable," he said about the transition. "The producer, who's now the director of the studio--she oversees everything--came to me in the beginning of December 2004, right before God of War I was going to come out, and she said, 'Hey, Dave's thinking he's probably not going to want to continue on doing this. He wants to move on and do some other stuff, and we've been kicking around some names of people who could potentially step in and direct the game, and your name keeps coming up.' I kind of laughed, and looked around to see if there were any cameras, 'cause I thought it was part of the documentary and they were making fun of me or something like that."

It soon became clear that the offer was serious.

"So that's when I started playing it really cool. I was like, 'Let me get back to you. Give me 24 hours. I'll stew on that. I like the proposition.' Then inside I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, this is awesome.'"

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