Gears of War Hits 4 Million

Microsoft's latest game, Gears of War, continues its incredible sales figures, recently selling more than 4 million copies and edging close to knocking Halo and Halo 2 off the top of the Xbox sales charts.

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InMyOpinion4626d ago

That's incredible considering the relatively small installbase at around 10 mil.

TheMART4626d ago

"Getting Xbox 360 sales data from a Japanese site is totally sketch. So we followed the paper trail to the original source, iTWire."

THe original source doesn't seem to have a rumour. Second. 3 million copies were sold somewhere at the beginning of February so it isn't shocking at all 4 million now! On about 11 million 360 units sold on the other hand it is incredible

Funky Town_TX4626d ago

people will buy them. The GEARS keep turning. We no price drop the the game soon then. Do you guys remember Halo1 on xbox? Okay, of course you do. That game was $50 for like 2 years.

power0919994626d ago

Could not have said it better myself.

Toolman4626d ago (Edited 4626d ago )

Con grats Epic! That 40% of all xbox owners bought geow is damn impressive

Edit: Well maybe its more than 40% since so many people are on their second or third xbox. Either way damn impressive

BIadestarX4626d ago (Edited 4626d ago )

Actually maybe the 360 installbase is even less. Us XBox 360 fans like buying extra copies of the same game just in case of emergency. so each one of us have at least 4 copies of Gears. [sarcasm].

Tip: Once an xbox 360 give anyone the ring of dead logically people don't run to the store and pay $400 for another one (uhh for obvious reasons), If one has extended warranty you mail to microsoft and they repair it for free or one pays like $130 and have microsoft repair them. So, I don't understand where you get your logic from since none of those options count as another console sold.

I would like to believe that you or a Sony fanboy it's not as stupid as to go and pay $600 if anything happens to their console... now would you?

Edit: By the way, your name fits you perfectly.

jpod4626d ago

Damn nice. Gears is the new Halo for now. Great game too and I'm glad I got it at launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.