Blu-ray Outsells HD DVD in February

The Blu-ray versus HD DVD battle continues as the unofficial numbers for February are in. Although the cumulative totals are neck and neck, the numbers for February tell the tale of a rising interest for Blu-ray by consumers. Recent comments by Phil Harrison (credit GamesIndustry.biz) reiterates this point. With Casino Royal hitting in March, will it be three in a row for Blu-ray?

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pmx6039d ago

please recount



PS360WII6039d ago

They don't count renting to sales figures. Hence the "Sales" part of it

Black Republican6039d ago

I hope this will stay consistent because I want a standard format NOW

I will not purchase either hddvd or blu ray until a format is standard, too bad it will wake long until a format is standard.

: (

cuco336039d ago

i agree, i want a standard format not a choice. i also want affordable movies, not the $25-40 that these high defs are going for

i refuse to pick a format. i dont have a ps3 so the choice wasn't made for me. BR i believe will win in the long run solely because of the ps3. i think many feel the same, especially since i've seen 10times more promotions for BR than hd dvd. come to think of it, i dont remember the last hd dvd promotion

PS3Wii6039d ago

Blu-ray will probably win in the long run.

And the Blu-ray Movie prices are actually $15-30 last time I checked.

BIadestarX6039d ago

And who gives a $h!t. Since when do we (gamers) care to know how many MOVIES were sold between one format or the other. The fact is that it really does not make a difference. As matter of fact it only affect the companies behind each format which format win not the consumer. Did we lose anything when betamax didn't make it? At the end of all the blu-ray this and hd-dvd that and when one format finally win, all people are going to care is that they will be paying $150 or less for the player and less than $20 for the movies. Both formats offer virtually the same thing. So, why should we be following freaken disk sells damn it! Oh WOW blu-ray is beating hd-dvd by 1% or less. mother (@#$^&*@^#$ wake me up when blu-ray is winning by 99%, cost $150 or less and this stupid format war is over. Cause as far as I am concern this is a game site.

achira6039d ago

i think you would have another opinion if hd-dvd had outsold blu-ray. but now you say who cares ? everybody cares, because you can now pic the blu-ray standard. xbox360 users are scared, ps3 users are happy. period.

PS360WII6038d ago

Why comment on this subject if you could care less about it? This is a gaming site first but there is a Tech section and two out of the 3 'gaming' consoles support either or of the new formats. Furthermore PS3 uses that thing call Blueray so it is kind of something one should keep track of

r10006038d ago

ps360wii i agree with you... thats call being on the defensive...

Black Republican6038d ago

I think you are jumping to conclusions.
I have a few question's for you, Please answer them.

How long has Blue Ray had the lead of HD now???
Before that how long did HD have the lead on Blue Ray???
And by how much is Blue Ray in the lead???

and it is foolish for anyone to say now that the blue ray is the standard because it is NOT.

I personally hope this was is over soon because I want to enjoy HD now but if you know anything about new technology it usually takes long for new technologies to become standard.

I own XBox 360 and I am not scared of which format will win LOL

I am actually excited and impatient because I want a standard now to buy A REAL HD PLAYER not an xbox360 HDDVD Add on or a PS3 Blue Ray Player.

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quiddd6038d ago

or manufacturing their HD-DVD drive considering the trend?

BIadestarX6038d ago

What trend? ohh you mean that trend, "Although the cumulative totals are neck and neck,". I really hope blu-ray wins seriously. Too bad it's going to take a while (maybe 10 years) before companies are willing to drop DVD and HD-DVD support and adopt it. Every month we are going to see "Blu-ray beat the $h!t out of hd-dvd by a margin of 0.01%" While Sony fanboys jump of joy.

AuburnTiger6037d ago (Edited 6037d ago )

Bladestar did you understand the article at all?? I mean did you even bother to read it??

-where the hell did you find this "Blu-ray beat the $h!t out of hd-dvd by a margin of 0.01%" , so now your quoting your own false opinions now??

You need get off the fanboyism chair before you catch a hodoken to the face.

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