PSP: Something Happening Soon

1UP reports: "Something needs to happen with the PSP, ASAP.
That's the message retailers have, according to our sources, sent Sony. With sales of the PSP lagging (Sony's PSP hardware shipments to retailers last Fall were down 72 percent over the year before, only a meager 10,000 units in the U.S.), word is that a few big name retailers have given Sony a mandate: drop the price or they'll drop the system from their stores. Entirely. With shelf space at a premium, the expectation is for Sony to do something substantial to keep its hardware moving -- or else.

Coming up on the second anniversary of the PSP (March 24th), a price drop seems possible -- after all, the price was lowered by $50 two days before its first anniversary last year. But according to Sony, that's not yet in the cards. Speaking with John Koller, the Senior Marketing Manager for the PSP, at the Game Developers Conference last week, 1UP learned that a price drop was not announced to retailers at Sony's Destination PlayStation retailer event last week.

But something else was."

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happygamer4261d ago

i dont know how much it cost now theres been so many versions but anways last time i checked it was 300 i believe. think it needs to be less then 200.

MikeGdaGod4261d ago

but in the states there's two packages. you can get the pack, with earbuds, case, strap, 1gig stick and a game for $250. or you can just get the system for $200. i just wish they'd make it so we can listen to our music while we play the games or surf the web. do that and i'd be happy. that my biggest issue now.

BIadestarX4261d ago

Sorry people, Sony is too busy promoting blu-ray to care about the PSP, you don't want to pay or play the game it has then don't buy it.

achira4261d ago

lol, you are a moron. the psp is by far the best handheld. great games are out, and the best is homebrew, you can play the best games ever! i have a ds, but i dont use it, because the psp powns the ds in every way.

BIadestarX4261d ago

"lol, you are a moron." - I wouldn't lower to your level.
"the psp is by far the best handheld." I agree.
"i have a ds, but i dont use it, because the psp powns the ds in every way." - I also own a DS and I agree with you. it's crap!

I also, own a PSP and as harware is concern is the best ever made.

All I am saying is that the PSP would be greater if Sony would give a little more love to the PSP.

Now, does that make me a moron? Sir?

MikeGdaGod4261d ago

you guys fight about EVERYTHING

Havince4260d ago

bit un-called for that moron comment