Playstation 3 Lacks Exclusives. Xbox 360 Lacks Franchises.

The Start Screen writes:

"An exclusive title doesn't necessarily define a console brand. The biggest disaster this generation is having an exclusive title and then seeing its sequels end up on multiplatform consoles. We have been seeing too many titles jump ship. Both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 have been victims to it. How many perceived exclusives were lost on these consoles by going multiplatform?"

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DrWan5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

Xbox 360 Lacks Exclusives. Xbox 360 Lacks Franchises. He filed this under "Industrial News" give me a break, file this under fanboy bullcrap category


Did this guy live under the rock for a year? PS3 does not lack exclusive and franchise....keep the list running guys:

Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank
Resistance 1 & 2
Everybody's Golf
Killzone 2
Gran Turismo
White Knight Chronicles
Yakuza Series
Valkrie Chronicles

Gran Turismo
Unannouced Ico game

PSN Exclusives
WipeOut HD
Pixel Junks
ThatGameCompany games: Flow, Flower
Many others..

pwnsause5577d ago

-Quantum Theory
-Unannounced Tecmo game which is going to be announced this month

Chris3995577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

"...Names, no. But we have 5 projects underway inside of Sony that will cater to the fanbase you have described. We are also working with 3rd party to ensure we have those kinds of games coming in from their studios as well..."

- Shuhei Yoshida

This quote was in regards to JRPGs. You can also add Demon's Souls and Atelier Rorona to the "exclusive" list and expect the JRPG ports and titles to get announced like crazy once the PS3 Advent Children/ FF XIII demo bundles are flying off the shelves.

Raoh5577d ago

well said drwan

well said

so many more titles coming to

white knight chronicles
demon's soul

i would think with the valkyria chronicles anime coming out that there will be a sequel to the game as well

killzone series is officially on the map

twisted metal

unannounced rockstar exclusive

casual games like flower, upcoming games from the developers of linger in the shadows

siren was overlooked in the horror series

M.A.G. and although SOCOM confrontation was technically a failure the series is far from done.

Heavy Rain (oh hell yeah, every one with ability to play a ps2 or xbox game needs to play indigo prophecy/farenheit)

AlternativeChaos5577d ago

"Playstation 3 Lacks Exclusives" i stopped there, forget the article just the tittle tells u the author doesn't know Sh!t

5577d ago
soxfan20055577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

Forza 2
Project Gotham 3,4
Halo 3
Gears of War 1,2
Too Human
Halo Wars
Ace Combat 6
Race Pro
Banjo Kazooie
Blue Dragon
Lost Planet
Mass Effect
Dead Rising

Pac-man championship edition
GTA4 - Lost & the Damned
Galaga Legions
Rez HD

Forza 3
Halo : ODST
Splinter Cell

Lists work both ways. But go ahead, keep under-estimating the 360.

EDIT @ 1.8 - Pretty typical, generic, thoughtless PS3 fanboy statement that I'm used to on this site. Like every game on the PS3 list is AAA, or even A-list.

Microsoft Xbox 3605577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

What an underwhelming list of games you got there.

Seriously Too Human? RacePro? Frontlines? PacMan championship edition?

5577d ago
ape0075577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

I like when extreem sony fans stick to pc to end arguments

"games for windows" or "xbox 360"

your money is going to the same place

you buy a lot of pc or xbox 360 games,you support ms?

support ms means you want them to continue in the gaming world

do you really want to support ms......

or the phrase "only on 360" give you nighmeres LOL

a hater sticking to stupid excuses

@felin get a FU#$% life

MasFlowKiller5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

Grand Theft Auto Advance never came out for the gameboy advance, nether did Grand Theft Auto 1, Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and Grand Theft Auto 2 for the PC.

if anybody claims they played: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in something other then a sony console then they are laying, u need to remind them that up until Grand Theft Auto IV every single GTA game as been exclusive to a sony console

AlternativeChaos5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )


I remember playing GTA2 on a PC,
what do i do?
what do i do?

please tell me
was it real?, i clearly remember playing it on a pc,


i dont know watz real anymore

MeatPopsicle5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

Forza 3
Halo : ODST
Splinter Cell"


And this is what happens when you have a pathetic set of first party studios like Microsoft. What an embarassing list. An ugly and medicore racing series, a pc game, and, lol, more Halo.

Turn 10


20 First party Sony studios putting out 25/50 gigabyte custom PS3 next gen engine based games with dedicated servers for lagfree online play and massive player counts and Home integration.

Don't worry Xbox fans, I'm sure Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to throw millions in bribes at another developer to gimp their classic franchise to run on the 7 gigabyte 360 DVD format and weak graphics hardware like DMC4,GTA4,and now FFXIII.

360FanLord5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

Are u sure?

you have to be 100% positive on this cause i downloaded San Andres On live.

Or did I?

WTF, i cant remember now

why god, why have u taken all the fun memories of me enjoying San Andres on my original Xbox away, WHY, PLEASE TELL ME WHY

I dont know wat is real anymore


AlternativeChaos5577d ago

Ohh snap, are we back in 2007?

i have to convince my ex not to dump me, lol

soxfan20055577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )


"Ugly and mediocre racing series"?

Forza 2 has a higher metascore than GT5 prologue. It has a higher metascore than the last full GT release (GT4), as does Forza 1. You have to go all the way back to 2001 to find a Gran Turismo game that rates higher than Forza 1 or 2.

king dong5577d ago

wrote by one of the many fanboys on here. he even tried to disguise it with some ps3 negativity in the title. only to upset some of the people who were meant to be pleased by this rubbish.

come on, this is not credible news about an upcoming game that we should be interested in. it's trashy blog-site rubbish wrote especially for hits and 1000degrees of flaming from/on n4g. no doubt the holder of said site has been a member of n4g for quite some time!

5577d ago
pwnsause5577d ago

so you are comparing a a game which is basically a demo to a full release, not to mention compare a current gen game to a last gen game(GT4) which was given universal acclaim last gen. LMAO

rhood0225577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )


Last gen-GTA was NEVER a Sony exclusive. All three games were released for both the Xbox AND PC at later dates: 2003 (GTA III and Vice City) and 2005 (San Andreas).

Danja5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

The PS3 lack exclusives ?? are we back in 2007 again and even then we got games like :

Heavenly Sword
NG : Sigma
Ratchet & Clank
Lair - yes I actually played and enjoyed the game...

thats alot of exclusives in the 1st year alone...

the 360 has lost it's grip on having more exclusives than the PS3 , Sony is pumping out AAA game one after the other.

The 360 now lacks the exclusive line-up to really compete with what Sony has line-up for the PS3 plus the PS3 trumps the 360 again when it comes to Franchises.

red5ive5577d ago

u put Forza twice, Halo three times. Lost Planet was on the PS3 and Dead Rising's made its way onto the Wii. oh and Pac-Man? u serious??

sonarus5577d ago

LMFAO at splinter cell incoming. That game probably won't have the same name when its released probably next yr.

X360 lacks franchises but it takes time to build up franchises. I think both consoles are doing a decent job on the excusives front.

Microsoft is at a disadvantage because they almost have to pay or finance every exclusive they get. Sony exclusives mostly come from in house studios.

Heavy Rain
God of War 3
Team Ico Game
Next Insomniac Game
Uncharted 2

Not to mention that the other studios like Evolution is probably cooking something up already, Sony Bend is probably working on Syphon Filtee PS3, and all the other studios are working on their own thing right now. Incognito is working on a game, Jaffe is working on a game. Sony has set themselves up to keep cooking up games with the in house stuff they have arranged

Microsoft on the other hand just really burst on the scene it will take them a while to reach that level

- Ghost of Sparta -5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

These small websites posting their bullsh*t on N4G need to die already. Hip Hop Gamer, Gamer.Blorge, Neocrisis, all of them. The fact that this kind of nonsense even passes through the Pending section on N4G is just utterly ridiculous and the administrators do nothing about it. The PS3 lacks exclusives? The PS3 has both, more exclusives and more franchises than the Xbox brand.

pumpkinpunker5577d ago (Edited 5577d ago )

The PS3 game selection sucks. That's why more people buy 360's. Sony's exclusives aren't really that exciting either. Out of their last 3 heavy hitter exclusives one was a dated 2D platformer, LBP, the other was REALLY over-rated and actually kind of sucked, Resistance 2, and the most recent KZ2 is up against already better options out there like COD4, Halo 3, or Team Fortress 2.

People just can't get excited about the PS3 no matter how much the fanboys try to pump it up because Sony fanboys really just don't know any better. They grew up being spoon fed shovelware from Japan and the occasional Sony exclusive and that's the way they think it should be.

The exclusives on the 360 are just flat out better and there are more of them. It's no accident that the PS3 is in last place. People woke up.