Editorial: It Was A Bad Day For Stereotypes!

PSXExtreme Writes: As most of our loyal readers know, I've often spoken about stereotypes within the industry and how they've changed over the years. Recently, I've taken more of a negative view by saying that while the gaming populace has made great strides, there's still a deeply entrenched sense of inferiority in regards to the mainstream public. Even if gamers aren't "nerds," video games still aren't a legitimate entertainment industry, and nobody will ever take it as seriously as movies, music, books, etc.

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ChozenWoan4642d ago

It is interesting to see just how far the gaming industry has come in such a short time. Today's gamer comes from all walks of life and every part of the world. From the mailman, to the lunch lady, to the president of... well anything and everything. You never know just how much of a gamer the person next to you is.