Opera on Nintendo DS: Hands on Review

Just yesterday I had the chance to try out the prototype version of Opera for Nintendo DS. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my first thoughts as well as give a review of how it worked and how I felt about it overall. Before I get to far into this I would also like to say that the Release Date in Japan is slated for the 24th of July and should retail for around $33 USD.

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Mikey_Gee6541d ago

I will grab this once it hits Canada. It sounds pretty nice and from what I have been reading it works very nice.


Ridge Racer DS - A Brave but Flawed Racing Revolution

Ridge Racer DS was part of a campaign to have the Nintendo DS' touchscreen redefine input, with mixed results.


LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Available for Free on Prime Gaming

Discover how to get LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for free through Prime Gaming. Enjoy this classic adventure in the Star Wars universe today!

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Nintendo Issues DMCA Notice to Remove 8,500 Yuzu Clones

Nintendo made a significant move by issuing a DMCA notice to take down more than 8,500 clones of the popular Switch emulator, Yuzu.

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gold_drake20d ago

thats so crazy haha.

it will never disappear.

darksky19d ago

The more they try to stop it, the more publicity it gets. The fact is that Yuzu will forever live on torrent and other sites. Nintendo is fighting an uphill battle.

Inverno19d ago

Another 8,500 will take their place. Smh


There is nothing stopping these people from working on Yuzu clones and sharing them on torrent sites. Nintendo or anyone else cannot do shit about torrents or usenet.

lucasnooker19d ago

lol Nintendo keep fighting this but it never ends. Why do they feel the need to persist? I guess they are in too deep now they have to

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