Koei Reveals Original Wii Game, Opoona

For people wanting something other than Dynasty Warriors.

What the Wii needs more of are daring, bold, innovative and new games. We're starting to see more of these as time goes on, and Koei's joined the fray with Opoona, and there are some heavy hitters landing their talents to this quirky adventure.

First, the setup. Opoona is not only the game's title, but the name of the main character, as well. Opoona, a descendant of the brave Cosmo Guards, is visiting the planet Landroll with his family, when he's separated from them and find his parents in the hospital for series injuries and both his brother and sister completely missing. What happened? In Opoona, it's your job to earn a license to travel to other colonies and find out. These licenses are different jobs -- rescuer, idol, detective -- and players pick and choose what they'd like to become.

Despite the somewhat serious sounding subject matter, Opoona's art style suggest the game is anything but. Shintaro Majima heads art direction on this project, while Sachiko Yukimura, who has worked with Yuji Hori several times on the Dragon Quest series, joins as planning director. Most exciting for RPG fanboys, however, is Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer of Final Fantasy XII's excellent soundtrack, penning the music.

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