ULTIMATE Wii Size Comparison Photo Guide

Not lucky enough to see this elegant piece of design work in person? This guide compares a slick homemade mock-up in side-by-side photos with a long list of gadgets new and old. So much awesome in such a small package!

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F1Senna5813d ago

Who says size matters!

tom15955813d ago

gosh, someone likes nintendo. but i agree: size doesn;t matter in a stationary console. i would prefer it to be massive and more powerful. hahha, ps3 - 5KG

Spunkmeyer435812d ago

Is just some one showing off how many toys they have, also why the frig would he have a gateway laptop!!!

NintendoFanatic5812d ago

All he would of had to do is put it next to a ruler or something but instead he put the wii, and cellphone, and ds ontop of his laptop. Probabley some lame rich guy trying to get attention.

Grennoki5811d ago

I have to say that is quite small lets hope they dont have overheating problems like thwe 360 Grrrrr =( P.S. The first Arubics Cube that was done was painted to make it look complete hah

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