European PS3 has over 1200 compatible PS2 titles (and rising)

Phil Harrison has confirmed that the PAL/Euro version of the Playstation 3 currently has over 1200 compatible PS2 titles, with more to be added to the list by the time the console launches. This will be via a necessary firmware upgrade to 1.6 (the consoles were shipped over 4 weeks ago.)

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techie4631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

Ah well that answers it. Hm I wonder how long it will be before they ship consoles with the 1.6. The download isn't that big is it? Like 100mb? Dial-up at home lol...I think I'll have to get broadband at last.

As long as that's not 1200 games only released in Asia and they aren't just saying 1200 for numbers (sorry not to be too optimistic) then we're fine. If that 1200 games are 1200 of the 1300 games released in the US...then that's spot on. And 1200 of 2500 for europe is pretty good...

TheGoodMART4631d ago

Just get broadband, that way you will be able to download more than just updates, like demos, trailers, and games. Trust me you are going to love ps3 home, and the only way you can get it is via broadband. And updates are 100 MB

Bathyj4631d ago

I choose to be optimistic rather than pesimistic. I think they would have concentrated of the most popular game released in USA and Europe. I cant imagine GoW not working while Super Fun Happy Mahjong Title 5, 6 and 7 are. Once again the last couple of weeks of complaining (by people without PS3's) were for nought.

DeepBrown you gotta get Broadband Dude, with a Next Gen console. I didn't even know they worked with dial up. XBox 1 didn't.

Dreyals4631d ago

is the way to go. as far as I know all Next Gen consoles are broadband only. You gotta get it

techie4631d ago

Lol i have broadband where I live at the moment in Nottingham, but when I go home home for summer I won't - but I think I'll update.

Anyway - the thing is with the way they are doing BC is through one piece of software for all games. So they're first bit of software proably covered 200games - and so they redesigned it so 500 games were covered and so on - they don't target seperate games - though I hope that they are looking at the best games and making their overall software works with that. I guess we'll find out soon enough - but you would think that they would all be games that have actually been released in Europe, otherwise that'd be pointless...

OldSchoolGamer4631d ago

Lets hope it's true. Good news for PS3 Europe.

techie4631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

Just thought I'd say that I'm British so it's spelt "criticise" and not "criticize", just like it's spelt "theatre" and not "theater". Peace

blackmagic4631d ago

Deepbrown, I imagine that updates will probably get bundled with new games on disc as they are released if you are still worried... This is pretty common practice on the pc and 360 (I think the original xbox too, not sure), I don't imagine the ps3 will be any different.

OldSchoolGamer4631d ago

Are not at all doing right by the consumer, promising full Backward Compatibility and making such a stink about it, and now offering under half backward compatibility (while raising the price on European Consumers), to me thats just hypocrytical and wrong. They have continually made all these grand statements full of promises and all have been delivered about halfway, with the mantra: wait, it will come, wait it will come. Again not buying any of their hype until I can see it.

Raist4631d ago

"(while raising the price on European Consumers)"

News to me lol

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timmyp534631d ago

deepbrown i read your previous comments on BC and i agree with you.

Dreyals4631d ago

I got a little angry. Well it looks like it is turning out for the better, hopefully. This is good news indeed for the EU folks.

techie4631d ago

"EU kicked in the junk
by Sony again. Before I get trolled I do have a PS3 and enjoy it. However this is SHYT. Not being 100% BC before release is a crock. I can see the the cost benefit going with emulation versus a hardware set up, but it should have been stated up front. That seems to be the answer for Sony these days "it wil be fixed in a future update"."

Not as bad as me

"I'm sorry what!? Not fully backwards compatible??? Was I wrong to read that out of it?

If that is the case, I won't be buying a ps3. Sorry they've lost me now.

Backwards compatibility was something I was relying on. First they charge europeans twice as much, then they try to make more savings without giving us the same usage? Nah...I'm gone."


MikeGdaGod4631d ago

i figured it would be something along those line. good for you guys across the pond

fenderputty4631d ago

It's definitely good news. This is far from being "shorted" on a system like other non-fans would have you believe. It's also a positive because it shows that they are also still working on the issue.

When will all PS3's be like this? Even the US launch ps3's are going to move to software emulation eventually correct? I'm hoping for upscaling of games. I also can't wait to order ps1 games. I'm getting FFVII the second it hits the store.

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