Proposed Law Permits Confiscation of Unrated Games

GamePolitics reports that a new legislation in the works by New York State Republican Rep. Brian Kolb adds a twist to the standard proposal prohibiting the sale of violent or sexually explicit games to minors.

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dachiefsman4626d ago

Just another thing the government wants to take away....I will be the first to sign a petition against this.....It is not the government's responsibility to police the games its the underage's kids parents! I am old enough to drink and go to the strip club so if I want to play Unrated games (whatever that means) so be it!

What's to stop them from outlawing unrated movies next? what is the difference?

deathtok4626d ago

I can't believe more people don't have things to say about this. This stampedes all over the rights of publishers, developers, retailers and gamers alike. I wish more companies would take risks and produce unrated or AO games. Think of it like when bands went independent and produced and shipped their own product without affiliation to record companies.

DEIx15x84625d ago

"The bill also requires retailers to make games available for review by parents prior to purchase."
So game retailers will need to have several computers, multiple consoles and an open copy of every game they sell just for parents to try. Imagine how much money that would cost, the fine may be cheaper. The size of a hard drive that can have every game in production installed as to be several terabytes.