Flower is top downloaded PSN game in February

The PSN-exclusives Flower and Noby Noby Boy both take the top spots in February. These innovative games take gaming in new directions, and we're glad to see gamers have embraced them.

1. Flower
2. Noby Noby Boy
3. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
4. 3 on 3 NHL Arcade
5. Savage Moon
6. Mortal Kombat II
7. Bejeweled 2
8. Burnout Paradise
9. Linger in Shadows
10. Magic Ball

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table4217d ago

i've only played flower and it was awesome especially after an intense session of Killzone2. will definately give some other PSN games a go.

sonarus4216d ago

hmmm surprised MK2 is still going. I wish they could have made the game playable on psp

unrealgamer584217d ago

but on topic good to see burnout paradise still on the list and mk 2 still getting love

table4216d ago

nobody has heard of it in the UK though and they seemed to have stopped showing it(used to be on the lesser watched channels). Shame because I love the program.

DrWan4216d ago

I wonder what the numbers are actually like; is it in the thousands (very likily), tens of thousands, or is spot number ten in the hundreds.

With sharing up to 5 different PS3s, how did that affect the sales, so on so forth