Kratos chariot crashes at God of War 2 premier

At the PlayStation Store in San Francisco this evening, SCEA put on a decent show for the midnight launch of the highly-anticipated God of War 2 game for the PS2.

One thing that didn't work out so well, however, was the Kratos-laiden, horse-drawn chariot - which crashed into the sidewalk right in front of everyone. It really was a classic sight.

Click to go to the website and see images and video of the whole thing.

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PinkPrincess834633d ago

GOW 2? God of war? Wait, are we trying to copy Gears of War much? I am fairly sure that Gears is a much better game, which is in 720p and looks absolutely amazing. Go PS3 for copying.

PS3Wii4633d ago

People are so misinformed these days.

God of War came out BEFORE Gears of War.

So they're not copying anyone.

And the game is on PS2.

miasma4633d ago

God of War was out long before Gears, so GoW was used first a while ago, not really copying. Gears of war "a much better game" ?, Well, since i have played both and think both games rock, i would have to say that they are too different to be just generally compared and it sounds a bit narrow minded to say one is just better than the other (graphics for Gears definitely, though). God of War has a much deeper and engrossing storyline by far, where gears storyline is as simple as they come so far, not too much to think about, just start shooting. Again, gears rocks the graphics, but God isn't all that bad especially since it is for PS2 (but is compatible on the PS3). On my 50" HDTV Gears is awsome, but i do have to say, for the PS2, they did an amazing job and looks really good on my HD set.
Have you even played God of War? assuming you haven't because your comment "i am fairly sure that Gears is a much better game" basically states that, then why even leave such an ignorant comment.

Rasputin20114633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

First off: the previous comments are dead-on God of War was out long before Gears.

Secondly: Gears is basically a FPS which GOW is if your looking for God of War rip off then look for Ghost Rider(DISGUSTING GAME) or the upcoming Conan game....if looking for a rip off of Gears good luck because no other game(in its genre) can come close.

Man there is no need to get like that at all..Like the comment by Princess didn't add up by comparing the two titles but there is absolutely NO need to slander her like that.

spacetoilet4633d ago

Yeah, you are plain DUMB aren't you princess?

Keyser4633d ago

Let me guess, the 360 was the first console you ever owned? Fangirl, I think this is a first.

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THAMMER14633d ago

O.K. guys she was way off. But damn did 4 of you have to jump her. spacetoilet You just went out of your way huh?

SmokeyMcBear4633d ago

not neccessary, may not be dumb, but definately should do some research or know a topic before posting. Its the typical fanboy.. err girl post to ignite a flame war. I was actually confused when i would see xbots using GoW.. cuz i've always known it as God of War. Well now you know.. and knowing is half the battle.

kamakazi4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

damn that is just do you play games?

timmyp534633d ago

its okay.. i didnt hear of god of war until like the beginning of last year. Wow do we actually have a female gamer on this site? or is this just one of those dudes who likes putting females as their offense Princess.

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