The 17 Lamest 360 Achievements

G4 reports: "To many in the outside world, your Xbox GamerScore is a digital advertisements of just how pathetic and nerdy you are. But you're among friends here. We won't judge. We like having a public display of our gaming successes.

Most games reward you for progress, and others give incentive to strive for exceptional levels of gaming, but some achievements are lame, dumb, and insulting. You know what we mean: Those precious points that can only be earned through repetition, pointlessness and teeth-grinding frustration.

Here are the 17 worst achievements to be found on the XBox 360."

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HokieFan4628d ago

I think they left out a couple that are worse than the ones listed. Isn't there one in Madden '06 for clicking a thumbstick on a menu? That's pretty weak. Plus, the ones for DOAX2 are completely and totally impossible...

OldSchoolGamer4628d ago

Project Gotham Racing 3-Wow I like dumb repetition but complete every solo challenge in hardcore is one when alot of the gold challenges require finding the right car (to use a slower one so you get more time) where the perfect run is needed and may take 20-40 attempts.
Chromehounds-you get medals for being on the winning side of the war, easy, being the #1 clan out there-either you have no life and are teamed up with 30 guys with no life, or you hate fun.
On the other end of the spectrum think it was NBA 2k6 you can do them all in one game, lol easiest 1000 points ever.

DJ4628d ago

trophies a requirement.

InMyOpinion4628d ago

Are'nt you one of those who say "gaming is better without rumble" as well? Fancy a game of Twister, sir? Ooooh! Suits you sir!

zonetrooper54628d ago

DJ there are many better achivements out there as well and don't try to start a flame war or spin this ok.

BIadestarX4628d ago

The 0 Lamest PS3 Achievements.
The 0 Best PS3 Achievements.

That's all I have to say to all those Sony fanboys.

blackmagic81034628d ago

yeah because we don't want your achievements. we're gonna have trophy's and ill take that over a number anyday

calderra4628d ago

"we're gonna have trophy's and ill take that over a number anyday"
^^^ Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

There is no difference between the two, except in presentation. You "win" an online marker to show your accomplishment. Whether it's a trophy or an icon with points... same thing...

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The story is too old to be commented.