First Killzone screenshots in next OPM UK

PSU reports: "Today we can confirm that the next issue of the UK OPM will have the first ever in-game screenshots of Killzone on PlayStation 3.

The latest released issue of OPM UK has confirmed a Killzone teaser in its next issue, which will be out on March 30th.

The "next month in Official PlayStation Magazine page", says, "Killzone 2, Sony's incredible future shooter breaks cover! OPM has first in-game shots and hard info."

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GaMr-4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

I just got a knot in my stomach hearing that.... Like a big debut.... wow Im nervous for Sony on this one... Thanks to the "Hype Machine" its as if the future of the company is riding on this. This is almost as big as the PS3 Launch itself. Go figure

Moral of the story: Don't over hype shyyt !!!

Rasputin20114635d ago

I loved the first Killzone and because of all the hype surrounding this game I'm nervous for next months OPM.

OldSchoolGamer4635d ago

This game being that the official PS magazine is putting it out, will give it a good preview. The game, I will bet, looks absolutely amazing either way. As for the system hanging in the balance on this one, hardly. This is only one of many possible system sellers, ie the hardcore sony fans will pick one up for the FF, MGS, Devil May Cry, and Gran Turismo next games regardless. I think the hype has been blown out of proportion, the first was ok, but no where near a system seller the way Halo and Halo 2 were for the 360. Regardless this game will only help the PS3 sell more systems unless its a complete flop.

power0919994635d ago

Or Sony is never going to hear the end of it.

GaMr: Same here... I just got a knot in my stomach as well. I kinda feel nervous FOR Sony.

Hmm..... Either way I am excited to see this.