Street Fighter IV DLC Sports Barefoot Camels, T&A

Chun-Li could be considered the Jessica Rabbit of Capcom's character roster. The latest Femme Fatale Pack DLC gives her the wardrobe to prove it! If you were looking for one more reason to pickup Street Fighter IV, this may help your decision. More after the jump.

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SRU96004418d ago

That's nothing, wait 'til you guys see this camel toe...

DreamcastFanboy4417d ago

Wow that's a great Camel toe!

ThanatosDMC4417d ago (Edited 4417d ago )

Am i the only one that finds these female characters ridiculously not sexy? First of all too muscular. Also, if we're talk breasts here... then those wont be nice and soft and lovely... those will be hard and firm like a man's. Also, before those lovelies cant even possibly grow that big proportional to their muscle mass cuz scientifically they should've produced a lot of testosterone to produce those types of leg muscle. Steriods anyone? Sorry, but i wont be taking that tranny in bed. She'll end up being the man... probably has very closed uterus thanks to all that testosterone.

Old Snake anyone? http://playstationlifestyle...

Panthers4417d ago

I agree they are not sexy, but at least it makes sense that they can compete with the men. I mean its a little bit more real.

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DoucheVader4418d ago

Barefoot no less! With their toes all willy nilly!

Sev4418d ago (Edited 4418d ago )

Camel toes creep me out, I used to train this old lady at the gym, and she always had the grossest camel toe. She was paying me a fortune to train her so I couldn't say no, but I had to suffer twice a week because of it.
Being a personal trainer had it's benefits, but it was also disgusting.
There are a lot of stinky people at gyms.

Godmars2904417d ago

Why people are *disagreeing* with you I can only put down to you sharing WAAAAAY too much information.

ErcsYou4417d ago

Sev, you just ruined my day...
I would like to describe the mental image i have of Sev's now famous old lady camel toe..

I picture a really old, wrinkle blond women who is quite over weight (you know the type, the old ladys with fat cooters..Lol) well, just imagine that in some black spandex shorts and one of those pink one piece workout thongs and a HUGE camel toe that looks like she got a botox injection.. now i feel sick,

On another note, i told my Chicka to dress up like Cammy and now im in the dog house...=)

ErcsYou and im out...

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Godmars2904418d ago

Shameful as it is, its a good excuse to sell DLC...

SubZero4417d ago (Edited 4417d ago )

Can't believe i had to login to comment on this. Has anyone in here ever had sex or even seen a woman's vagina? lmao there is noting in any of these pictures that looks like a camel toe. ....put the controllers down once in a while and go get laid. You guys had me thinking capcom had a "hot coffee" thing going just wow

jessehaysfl4417d ago

I thought you were better than this.....these stories make us all look bad. Damn.

NMC20074417d ago

What gave you that idea? You thought they were better than this? Pfft.

CobraKai4417d ago

It may make us look bad, but it looks oh so good.

DoucheVader4417d ago

It's relevant material. I got a kick out of it. Of course I found it on a Japanese blog.

eye no toe fu4417d ago

This is like seeing two ugly fat girls have a way with each other. You don't know whether to turn away or watch just because it's two girls going at it.

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