The top 5 "secret" games coming to 360

According to Planet Xbox 360, the latest Official Xbox Magazine dishes out what its editors believe to be the top 5 games being secretly made for the Xbox 360. More or less the list is a wish list of games that most of us would like to see make an appearance on our beloved console. Many of them have been rumored for quite some time, but it's a nice list nevertheless.

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Lacarious4263d ago

I'm sure more will come out but so far this one is in the running

GaMr-4263d ago

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH....WAHAHAHAHAH AH.... Funny only cause you took the words right out of my mouth.

HokieFan4263d ago

Ironically, it's already up to 330 degrees and will probably end up at the top of the N4G homepage. :)

MikeGdaGod4263d ago

thats my motto

hey i dont' make the news, i just report it

HokieFan4263d ago

Clearly people want to read it...mission accomplished! :)

ben hates you4263d ago

i was quiet happy when i read about it

OldSchoolGamer4263d ago

Wow I wish WOW, would go away. Out of all the MMORPG's out there one of the worst and most simplistic games does the best. *sigh* "I see stupid people." Anyway that would definitely live up to Microsofts plan of going after new inductees to the world of console gaming, or simply make them more money.

As for the rest, yeah Duke Nukem Forever is aptly titled, because thats about how long you can expect to wait for that sequal to hit. Was a great original a decade ago lol. If it did hit, that would be a huge bomb for their arsenal, lol just don't hold your breath on that one.

Realistically Knights of the Old Republic would be a no brainer, either Mass Effect is a huge hit and the company expands to make the game, or the game is an overhyped flop and they make the game. So expect this game.

Crimson Skies 2 and Hellgate london? I guess that would ok for some

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The story is too old to be commented.