TGR: News Roundup: Resident Evil 5 Multiplayer, Current Gen Consoles Haven't Peaked

It seems the consoles haven't reached their potential, there is tons of Resident Evil news, and the first subscription on a wii game will be released on TGR's Daily News roundup.

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NeverforgetNES4276d ago

Resident Evil craziness!!!!

cain1414276d ago

Picking that up tonight!

DK_Switch4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

The funny thing about the current consoles outlasting the PS2 is that the PS2 still isn't technically dead.

I mean, at this point, I'm wondering if it isn't the other way around ... the PS2 could outlast all the current consoles.

I know my PS2 has outlasted about 3 Xbox360's at this point :)

italianbreadman4276d ago

What an astute observation.

The PS2 is a phenom.

DK_Switch4276d ago

Thanks ...

I could make the same comparison between the PS2 and PS3, but first I'd need a PS3.

SlamVanderhuge4276d ago

I wonder how RE5 multiplayer will turn out.

i remember being skeptical about Splinter Cell MP, and that turned out fantastically. Here's hoping that Capcom has some solid plans for online evil. (it cant be worse than Outbreak)

reddevilyi4276d ago

Sweet, a new zombies map. I can't wait to get that.

DK_Switch4276d ago

In RE5, aren't they all zombie maps?

Ocelot39974276d ago

He's talking about World at War.

DK_Switch4276d ago

I know he's talking about World at War, but if I assume he's talking about RE5, it's funnier.

Also, World at War + Zombies = Wolfenstein

Don't you agree?

italianbreadman4276d ago

I'm excited to try out RE5 multiplayer. Should be awesome.

SirLarr4276d ago

I thought the whole game was multiplayer, haha.

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