Triple Duty Calls

Activision wants gamers to heed the Call of Duty with the release of three titles, all shipping to stores this week. If you want a brand new Call of Duty experience, pick up COD: Roads to Victory, exclusive to the PSP. Developed by Amaze Entertainment, Roads to Victory retails for $39.99.

If next-gen gaming is your thing, you have the opportunity to catch up on the COD 360 franchise. Call of Duty 3: Gold Edition contains all the glory of the original Xbox 360 (and the $59.99 price tag), plus a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes footage. The Gold Edition also comes with a code redeemable for a free COD 3 map pack on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Gamers who want to go a little further in the way-back machine can pick up Call of Duty 2: Platinum Hits Expanded Edition for $29.99 on Xbox 360. The value-priced Platinum Hit comes with a bonus DVD that includes mission walkthroughs.

All three Call of Duty titles will be available in stores by Wednesday, March 14.

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