Will Wright: 'Toys Can Change the World'

Is there anything Spore won't be capable of doing? That claim was no different than when Will Wright shared the stage with LOST creator J.J. Abrams, former eBay president Jeff Skoll and war documentarian Deborah Scranton at the annual Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in California (thanks C|Net, via Wonderland).
Wright hopes Spore will actually help educate kids on important issues, such as the effects of releasing dangerous chemicals into the environment. Spore players can start dumping CO2 into the atmosphere with the touch of a button, the problem being that their planet will burst into flames and become uninhabitable within minutes.

"By giving kids toys like this, I hope to give them some sense of what it might be like to (live on Earth) in 100 years," said Wright. "That's why I think toys can change the world."

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Columbo4626d ago

I don't care if toys can change the world. Just tell me a release date and system requirements for Spore!