TGR: What we want to see in Fable III

When British TV personality Jonathan Ross tweeted that he'd been "asked to do a voice in Fable 3", the legion of Fable II fans smiled in smug satisfaction at its sequel being inadvertently confirmed – not that it was ever in doubt given how creative director Peter Molyneux revealed last year that his development studio Lionhead had plans for not just a third Fable game, but for a fourth and fifth one too. On the other hand, that man Molyneux does say an awful lot, so maybe this actually is quite a big reveal.

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cain1415613d ago

Fable 2 was pretty sweet, but I would like to see it a bit longer with more sidequests...

xwabbit5613d ago

I hope it comes on the next xbox so its a lot pro'er

cyguration5613d ago

I agree that it needs to be on the next Xbox. I just don't see how the newer game could be any bigger without being on 10 DVD9s

GWAVE5613d ago

I want the next Fable to actually deliver on some of the things promised for Fable and Fable II.

I'm not bashing the game. I'm just saying that there were plenty of disappointments in both games based on what we were told by Molyneux...

DK_Switch5613d ago

Now I really gotta play Fable 2. What the hell is wrong with me?

RKRigney5613d ago

Seems kind of early for an article like this, especially when new Fable 2 DLC just got announced. Interesting piece, though.

cain1415613d ago

Well Fable 3 was accidentally announced for all practical purposes so clearly they are planning for it. And the only point they can actually change major things is during that window.

NeverforgetNES5613d ago

He tweeted. hehe I agree with a lot of what this article says.

cain1415613d ago

I love how mainstream twitter has become...

ihaten4glol5613d ago

Definitely, everyone's using Twitter these days and I love it!

El_Colombiano5613d ago

What is this "Twitter" of which you speak?

cain1415613d ago


It's like a facebook status on crack...

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ihaten4glol5613d ago

I want Fable III to keep my attention better than II did. I just couldn't really get into it.

cain1415613d ago

I loved it the first time through. The second one... well I still haven't been able to focus long enough on this game to do that...

Maybe next year...