GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Game for PS3, Xbox 360: First Screens

After revealing GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra the videogame at Toy Fair in New York last month, EA has just now released the first official high-res screenshots from the game based on the upcoming film.

The names associated with the screens help identify some of the new characters that will debut in the film as well as confirm some oldies you'll remember from the 80s.

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Ldubbz5517d ago

those are early shots because they look like they came from a PSP (no offense to my PSP)

jkhan5517d ago

I will reserve my judgment till i see the game in motion. Screenshots usually don't do justice to any game.

RoyBoys5517d ago

Looks like an RTS zoomed in! I sure hope these graphics get updated a LOT!


The Arkham Asylum treatment: 4 licensed properties that deserve good video-game reboots

With Batman: Arkham City continuing to prove that licensed games can be good, what other properties deserve another shot?

THR1LLHOUSE4550d ago

I would love a good GI Joe game...I'm thinking a gritty FPS that is secretly super cheesy. Like, you've got your team of dudes charging into battle yelling "WE'RE OSCAR MIKE!" or whatever, but then they're all carrying laser guns and nobody gets killed.

TrendyGamers4550d ago

Harry Potter: Modern Warfare!

Tolkoto4550d ago

I'd kill for a great Harry Potter game.

NagaSotuva4550d ago

A new Discworld would require the finest next-generation pickles to succeed.

SybaRat4550d ago

Holy crap, that last G.I. Joe game was utter crap. Yes, I played it. At gunpoint. Shoulda just taken the bullet.

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Cosplay Babe of the Week is the Baroness

J Lynch: "It seems like every week when we’re trying to figure out who to pick as the CBotW, we end up looking to the fighting genre because game designers have intentionally made the female characters of that genre appear “over the top” (and quite often in the “top” area). Instead we’ve looked to the action genre and plucked a character from the world of games based on cartoons and movies. While games based on licensed materials rarely satisfy, we think our pick this week for the Cosplay Babe of the Week does a good job."

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BattersUp5013d ago

hells yea I would. That one doing laundry is SO fine.

hay5013d ago

There's something about tight clothes, big boobies and nice asses :D

I'm sold for that asian beauty who dominated the gallery with picture amount. Also last pic from second page. That girl looks evil, I love it, great cosplay.

GunShotEddy5013d ago

Actually like that these girls pulled off sexy while be covered. See ladies, you don't have to be half-naked to be hot.

JohnnyMann4205013d ago

Don't give away the secrets....lol

jphelps805013d ago

lol, women with clothes? pass! j/k

FiftyFourPointTwo5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Nice pic. Alodia Gosiengfiao FTW <3


@below: yep she is. :)

vgn245013d ago

Something about the red hair on her. She's the asian Baroness?

RageAgainstTheMShine5013d ago

... she is a Filipina like moi.

jphelps805013d ago

She have worn that red wig and done Scarlett from GI Joe and do like a both sides thing. Very nice.

charlescox45013d ago

Asians FTW. The one on page two destroys em all. And thatOs taking into account that the others are hot too.

BeaRye5013d ago

The one doing laundry is the same ciosplayer who does that super popular Morrigan. She's very well 'equipped' for cosplaying.