The Darkness Hands-on

The Darkness, of course, is different than Riddick or Alien. It's a comic book universe starring a really pissed off character who isn't an angel, but rather a mafia thug, a stone cold killer, who inherits this incredible power. But Starbreeze not only gets the comic book, it sucks in the comic's essence and exhales it into polygonal form with perfect clarify, direction, and style. If they gave awards for best opening sequences, Starbreeze would win every single time.

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PS360PCROCKS4631d ago

Nice. I'm looking forward to this, it looks good and now apparently it's "special"

"The levels looked and felt easy. I was assured that these first levels were designed to pump me up and make me feel good about myself. They were designed to introduce me to the controls and ease me into it the game. Later on, instead of a few patches of enemies here and there, you'll fight SWAT, FBI, and as host of bad guys that far outnumber you who learn about your strengths and weaknesses. They'll throw flashbangs, use flash lights, and use light as an enemy."

Sounds like mass chaos, SWEET! Can't wait to get some more info on this one.

The great 14631d ago

This game looks sweet, the next gen took a year to really take off, but finially were starting to see interesting games such as this one.

biomajor094631d ago

I can't wait for this game. Even the website for the game kicks ass.

Martin4630d ago

this game and its storyline had kinda passed me by, I had read it was a comic book - but that was it pretty much.

But now, this does sound something special, it's good to play as the 'evil' aspect and this could furnish that in bucket loads. Heres hoping they put enough effort into the single player mode to really tempt me!