First In-game SEGA Rally Pics

SEGA has released the first in-game shots of next-gen SEGA Rally, along with a brief overview of what we can expect when we eventually get to take it for a test drive. According to the publisher, SEGA Rally will "reinvigorate the genre" by offering intense, bumper-to-bumper racing, with multiple cars bombing around "fun, looping tracks". Races will take place over eight different environments, each inspired by real-world locations and boasting very different surface types.

Trackside detail and obstacles will be fully deformable so no two laps are ever the same, plus drivers get to choose from a variety of four- and two-wheel-drive vehicles, as well as a line-up of classic cars.

With all the mud flying, could Sega Rally be the answer to Motorstorm?

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killercam194631d ago

y do these supposidly in game pics always lok alot better than when u get it at home i call BS on sega

MoonDust4631d ago

Evey time they show WOW picture they are bullshit. You can't rely on pictures. Did you see the helicopter on top of the cars? LOL. It's like it was on the track.

gogators4630d ago

get it done quickly, so Sega can get started on something better, like Daytona 3 with 40 player online support. I am not a fan of Nascar, but Daytona racing I am. It's been long over due.

Booneral4630d ago

Has no chance against Colin McRae Rally with these visuals.

MaximusPrime4630d ago

apparently i heard that Sega Rally is better than Colin Mcrae Dirt. So i better get this game. looks pretty good.

Only for PS3? hope so.

djsimo4630d ago

It's for PS3 & XBOX360 :)

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