Media Consumption: High Impact Games' Lesley Mathieson

For this week's Media Consumption, a column that looks at the media and art diets of our favourite industry personalities, Gamasutra spoke to Lesley Mathieson, Design Director for High Impact Games on their PSP title Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Mathieson notes that the team's goal was to "bring a PS2 Ratchet experience to a handheld system" and adds that the generally positive reception from gamers and so far "from forums and letters" has been "really rewarding". Next up, she says, the team will be "taking a break and considering the future". While Mathieson doesn't specify exactly where the future will take High Impact Games, she does comment cagily that there are "a lot of great opportunities" that stand as possibilities for the company.

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