Sony TVs to recommend what to watch

Sony will launch a TV later in the year that will give programme recommendations based on what you watch, Pocket-lint has learnt.

The new service, currently codenamed "Neon", is expected appear on the company's forthcoming Bravia televisions that haven't even been announced yet.

The new software will be powered by Macrovision's massive database of metadata (that already provides services to companies such as Spotify, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, PlayStation, Sky, and Shazam) and hopes to not only provide relevant suggestions from your electronic programme guide, but also any content that you have stored on different devices connected to the TV.

"Sony will make it possible to access the content on your PS3 via your TV without having to turn the channel over to the PS3", said Bullwinkle, suggesting that a unified system interface would be available on future TV sets coming from Sony.

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creeping judas4215d ago

I can just imagine, the reaction in some living rooms when the wife turns on the TV, and the TV recommends a pron movie!!!

kazan4215d ago

ROFL LOLOLOLOL hahaha OMGOD that was freaking funny but so true hahah thx for the laugh tho:)

nix4215d ago


i wonder if they suggest what games to play too. imagine playing GeoW and then getting a message "We've found a better recommendation for you: Killzone 2"

Johnny Rotten4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

No thanks, it sounds like another way to get paid advertising and sponsors to watch what THEY want you to watch. I already have enough crap like this floating around in my life.