PlayStation 3 in Japan – The Story So Far

This is a fantastic article, covering everything from the launch of the console in Japan right up to the better-selling titles it has released. However, things don't have a nice rosy gloss over them like we tend to paint things here -- the article is based on cold, hard facts. Those facts really do show how tough Sony has had it in Japan. The high price coupled with few truly desirable titles crippled the system early on, but it's battling back. Something good will happen. Something good has happened. Sony rocked GDC and people will begin to take notice. Will they catch up to Nintendo in console sales? Probably not, but they'll do their best not to fall much farther behind.

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D R Fz4632d ago

and i do believe ps3 can catch up to the Wii and even surpass it in the upcoming years in Japan.

Loopy4632d ago

Sony's vision is more long term success than short term. While in the short term, their business plan may not really pay off, the ps3 will be more profitable in the coming years and may even surpass its competitors.

r10004632d ago

Yes... you bring up a very good point....

OldSchoolGamer4632d ago

Its the essence of what most Sony critics have said more games please. The future will be bright for the PS3 and it will sell millions and millions of systems, but it will take games to make that $600.00 price tag more feasible. Right now, there just aren't enough out there, when more blockbusters come out, I like other will try and justify that price.

Apocalypse Shadow4632d ago

has great games now for justification needed.ps3 was a great purchase.good article.the hill and the valleys of sales.expected with the price.but that will change in time.

D R Fz4632d ago

but i can't wait for some of the exclusives to come out. And in addition to the Home network, ps3 will definitely make me a happy gamer.

The great 14632d ago

PS3 is awesome, i'm impressed with what it has done so far, it's got better games comming out much faster than the 360 ever managed, oh yea and the best of the 360 year 1, we have most of there best games hiting the PS3, the horrible Saints Row and the good looking Oblivion, there's ur best of Xbox 360 year 1, wasen't Gears technically year 2, yea a thought so.