Harrison: There's No Place Like Home

In a two-part interview Next-Gen talks with Sony's Phil Harrison about the company's extraordinary PlayStation Home and PS3's new place in the world. Colin Campbell reports.

Harrison says, "When you introduce something that resonates with people, they immediately want to know more, to go deeper. They ask, 'can I do this with it, can I do that with it'. These kind of detailed implementational questions seem to come from a personal motivation point of view. They want to know what they can do with it. I found that to be encouraging."

The interest is understandable. PlayStation Home is one of the most significant developments in our industry's history. It represents a bridge between gaming as an art-form and the people who have yet to accept gaming into their lives. It is more than just a 3D lobby for gamers to meet and gossip and show-off and compete. It is a portal to a new world for anyone who watches movies at home; a sizable community.

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timmyp534637d ago

..has a nice ring to it.

Bhai4637d ago

...sounds so sweet. It has this unique 'Solaris' or 'Equilibrium' like science fiction appeal to it.