Should Sony steer away from non-gaming features?

From PS3 Attitude: "Since the PS3 was announced, Sony has continually marketed the console as a multi-media device and not just for gaming.

However the PlayStation brand is so strongly associated with gaming it is not so easy to simply shrug off this image and display a more rounded, entertainment-based persona.

With so many other media options available, should Sony focus only on gaming?"

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Genesis54576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Well I mostly use my PS3 for gaming but the added features are nice to have. I use the Blue ray player alot and I use the photo software quite often.

My biggest wish is for more support for custom sound tracks in games.

Vagrant_14576d ago

well to get that in most games sony would need to mandate that. im kinda upset that sony doesn't make devs use the features they put on the ps3 like um youtube uploading, screen grabs etc... if i was sony and I put features on my system I would make them use them. but hey even 1st and 2nd party don't use the features. tell me killzone 2 wouldn't be sweet if we had youtube uploading and screen grabs, but I give them credit for the in game music during multiplayer

DolphGB4576d ago

YouTube in KZ2 would be truly awesome. Of course, the other thing YouTube support gives the devs is an amazing amount of viral marketing awareness for their games - everyone should include it!

whoelse4576d ago

I heard LBP may be getting it which is a perfect game for YoutTube support.

Problem is with YoutTube, it takes extra memory that the games like Killzone 2 may not make available.

yoghurt4576d ago

No they shouldn't, that is the main reason I have a PS3 because of its sure magnitude of features and functions

Avenged Sevenfold4576d ago

They shouldn't and they wont. The Ps3 was designed to be an entertainment center. Much like a computer. It just gives you more bank for your buck.

mac4u104576d ago

they should concertrate more on gaming as it is a console..right but i have no problem with the features and functions i think its great to be honest