Top Five Konami Video Game Franchises

Founded in 1969, Konami has produced some of the most hardcore and respected video game franchises in the industry.

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andron5079d ago

In Europe that would be nr 6, but maybe it isn't hardcore enough to qualify?

vhero5079d ago

nah it shouldnt be in that list of top 5 TBH compared to the others they are the elite game Pro Evo is a common game and doesn't sell systems.

andron5079d ago

PES players are pretty hardcore bunch. So I think it should be nr 6 on that list, not replace any of them...

ExcelKnight5079d ago

Pretty darned happy the series is on that list... at #3, no less.

Enate5079d ago

Suikoden II is my second favorite game of all time an man they should have had Zone of the Enders up there.