5 Biggest Flops This Generation

Every generation has its share of monumental flops. As the web continues to mature, undeserving titles and services continue to be hyped to unachievable levels. With fanboys grasping for titles left and right to justify their respective purchases, will the madness ever cease?

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Playa79705576d ago

i am going to admit it lair and haze were the biggest flops to me this gen

chasegamez25576d ago

here some real flops
1.Shadowrun 2.Fracture 3.Legendary 4.Blue Dragon
5.Infinite Undiscovery 6.Two Worlds

5576d ago
rogimusprime5575d ago

forget about too human. Almost 10 years in development for that rubbish?

You are right, HAZE was terrible...but surprisingly I saw more ads for it than I have for Killzone 2.

I think LAIR got a bad rap since it was one of the first PS3 exclusives...controls were awkward....idea was good...execution...not so much.

edgeofblade5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

@Chase: Shadowrun wasn't a flop for any design reason. People just had a hard time swallowing the limited amount of content. The fact that FASA got closed down was the final nail in that coffin.

Regardless, the game was still an incredible design in that it melded several great FPS and gaming traditions like

* Unreal Tournament's low gravity mutators
* Console FPS' aim assist
* Halo's recharging health
* Counter Strike's buy phase
* Star Wars' Force push
* Ghost Recon's seeing enemies through walls

The point is you really got to customize your own FPS experience and pit it against the opponents' skills and strategy.

The game was years ahead of its time, and therefore, it died an early death. If it were a game made by Sony and hyped on the PS3, it would have had serious legs. If you like online focused games like Warhawk, and you have a 360, you would be crazy not to pick it up from the bargain bin right now. There are still plenty of people who play it online.

Mikerra175575d ago

why do people say lair was a bad game it simply wasnt people were just too noob to play it

Face Palm5575d ago

Gets Lamer n Lamer


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kapedkrusader5576d ago

...I hope you're reading this. Leave N4G and take your flame-baiting, half-assed, articles with you.

Real Gambler5575d ago

I'm pretty sure they simply wrote all those flamebait articles only to get more hits and more advertising money, but sadly, they have now lost all credibility...

How can something FREE like Home can be a flop? It's free! I have not lost one penny on it yet. It can only get better. If you don't like it, you don't use it. There's more and more theme rooms and good things to come.

Sadly "5 biggest flop" will always get more hits than just talking about actual great games coming out. Sad.

lord_of_balrogs5576d ago

For once I agree with HHG. All these were flops.

edgeofblade5575d ago

Home is quite the flop... right now. But I will grant that some great potential is there. But potential does not make it a non-flop. You don't get credit for calling something a success until it actually succeeds. Or at least, you shouldn't in a rational world...

Honestly, Home needs to focus more on games rather than brand advertising. People don't go there to get immersed in all-things-Sony... unless they are one of those religious-style fanboys who thinks going to this makeshift church somehow makes them a better fanboy. No, if you give them enduring, interesting things to do, the advertising will be what it's supposed to be: subdued. The Red Bull race is a great example. EA's Sports thing is another good idea.

rockleex5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

Just because Home doesn't have anything that interests you for the moment, doesn't mean its a flop.

Sony made $1 million from Home within the first month. There's tons of people in Home all the time. In fact, there are people on my friend list that ONLY use Home and nothing else!

Take a stroll around Home and you'll see that 80% of the people there have bought things from the Home Mall.

The point is that Home has been able to successfully capture the social gamers. That's a success, but there's still more success that Home can find.

Now all Home has left to do is to capture the regular and hardcore gamers. But of course, we all know how much Home is going to improve in the coming months for gamers. RE5 gamespace, Killzone 2 gamespace, EA gamespace, and much much more to come. Hell, I hope they host E3 virtually in Home too! ^_^

I have to admit, I thought Home was a flop the first week it was released. But take a stroll around Home nowadays and you'll see that its already succeeded the first step.

swiftshot935576d ago

HHG would have an article like this. His site NEEDS to be banned. Its all freaking falmebait, tired of his sh!t. Never posts news, terribly written articles, his titles are all flamebait etc... Nobody wants him press agree.

On topic: nice, a beta of an application that charges you nothing and is not forced on the PS3 consumer is the biggest flop this generation. LOL we've heard it time and time again. Lair. Haze. Too Human. They're all flops. just move on damn it. Nobody gives 2 sh!ts!

Kamikaze1355576d ago

Home earned Sony over a million bucks....how is that a flop?

ThatCanadianGuy5576d ago

Way over a million by now.Not counting the Money made/saved from advertising.

SmokingMonkey5576d ago

it's a flop

i got my hig home costume, and i'm set for life lol

i just want the trophy room

RememberThe3575576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )

But like ThatCanadianguy420 implied, those figures where from months ago. I'm sure that they have made much more then that by now. I also think the Sony is happy with how Home is doing considering that it is still in beta and doesn't really have any meat on it's bones yet.

II Necroplasm II5576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )

I do not see why Home is on there. It is only beta right now.

and Sony said Home will expand through time.

Kill Crow5575d ago

The BETA title is completely misleading, it's sony's get out clause for delivering something far below expectation.

How many people would buy a PS3 for HOME? I don't know anyone ... ask the same question for anyone who'd buy a PS3 for Killzone 2, or for Blue ray ... I know loads .... it's as simple as that.

raptorjacob5575d ago

killcrow, i really dont get where you are going. why do we have to ask if anyone would buy a ps3 for home? why does that make it a flop if people dont want to buy a ps3 for home? there are a lot of games that people wouldnt buy a ps3 just to have, but that doesnt make them flops. plus home is free to get into, im not spending any of my money on it (unless i buy clothes and stuff)

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