GAME: "Only two thirds of PS3s preordered"

GAME, Europe's biggest specialist game retailer is gearing up for one very profitable day for sales - the launch of Sony's new Playstation 3.

Despite talk of a massive shortage, information has leaked from the GAME head offices that only two thirds of their PS3 allocation have been preordered, despite best attempts of staff in stores across Europe. One third of PS3 consoles remains free for people to pick up on the day under two weeks before launch.

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Darth Gamer4629d ago

I don't see this as being a good thing for SONY.

gta_cb4629d ago

where i live i went in and the person behind the desk said that he can guaranty me a pre order if i wanted one... obviously i didnt want one, but i wanted to know how the pre ordering was going... well what can i say i agree this isnt such big news for Sony, especially with GAME being one of the biggest and well known places in UK for games/ consoles.

Neutral Gamer4629d ago

At least I don't have to worry about whether my pre-order will be available or not!

I have to admit this is in stark contrast to when the Xbox 360 was released in the UK.

Maybe it really is too expensive for the general public?

Still, on a positive note, at least we won't have any annoying scalpers profiting from low supply on eBay like they did with the 360.

eclipsegryph4629d ago

"Still, on a positive note, at least we won't have any annoying scalpers profiting from low supply on eBay like they did with the 360."

Hehe, good point!

Bigmac5734629d ago

Two-thirds of their systems preordered is amazing. Especially the allocation of PS3's Britain received. Way more than 360 or WIi.

HokieFan4629d ago

Easy man, can't you voice your opinion without the name calling?

While the 2/3 number is still impressive, I'm guessing that it's not as great as Sony would have hoped.

Joe4629d ago

Two thirds for 200,000 units isn't a whole lot!

eclipsegryph4629d ago

Are you sure that the PS3 is selling more pre-orders in the UK than either the X-Box 360 or the Wii? I honestly don't know any specific numbers, but it seems like... well, that there were a lot of systems avaliable to sell, and both of those consoles sold out of pre-orders. I don't know if the numbers were in the 200,000 range, but I'd suppose that they were higher. I dunno, I'd like to get informed, but I wouldn't know where to look. Maybe someone can cough up those numbers?

Gamer luv4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

The Wii had and will have the most launch units available, while Xbox follows in third place, but, atleast i will not have to worry about my order being out of stock.

I've just been charged by game, online for it, and it says when the item is ready to ship, so heres to hoping its ready to ship and be on its way soon.

LSDARBY4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

The UK is getting 220,000 ps3's compared to the 15,000 360's and 50,000 wii's

GAME is getting between 100,000 - 150,000

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The story is too old to be commented.