Nintendo Wii's strengths and weaknesses for the next-generation console war reports:

"It may have escaped your notice (if you're still ploughing through Twilight Princess), but Sony finally launches PlayStation 3 in Europe on March 23rd. Finally, all three next-generation consoles will be available, and we'll have a much better idea of how Wii stacks up against the competition.

Some analysts have already given their views on how the next-gen console war will pan out. Earlier this month, IDC predicted that Wii will outsell PS3 and Xbox 360 throughout this year and next.

But beyond the number-crunching, now's a good time to take stock of how Wii's been doing, and how it's shaping up for the future. I've drawn out some of the key features, and tried to assess whether they're strengths or weaknesses."

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