Five features we want from a Sony redesign

Whatever you might think, PSP has been a success. Nearly 25 million of the sleek gaming portables have been sold since it was first launched in Japan at the end of 2004 .

However, PlayStation Portable could use some work. And, if the recently refuelled rumours of a redesigned PSP 2 are to be believed, Sony knows it.

Certainly at GamesRadar, they reckon PSP hasn't yet reached its full potential. They believe, Sony just needs to unlock the handheld's strengths and cut down on the weaknesses. So here are five things that GamesRadar would like to see included in a reworked PSP, aimed at improving its gaming credentials.

A better LCD screen
Integrated GPS and camera
Longer battery life
Onboard flash memory
No software restrictions

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Neutral Gamer4634d ago

Forget everything else, having played on my mate's PSP numerous times all I'd want is another analogue stick.

Speeding up those loading times wouldn't go a miss though - having loading screens just for a menu screen to come up (Tony Hawks I think it was) is too much!

PS360WII4634d ago

25million hmm might want to scale that number back about 5 million. Anyways sure add another analogue. Longer battery life would be key or at least one that can hold it's charge for over a day. But all in all make new games for it. Please

Sphinx4634d ago

Come on... seriously? All it needs is another analogue stick, maybe some flash memory, and quicker loading. That's it.

Oh yeah, and they definitely need a laser pointer built-in, and some mace for those who get mugged while playing their PSP... and why not just go ahead and throw in a frikkin pill dispenser that splits them up into each day of the week. Seriously, leave out all the unnecessary stuff and make it about games.

AllroundGamer4634d ago

SECOND ANALOG STICK OR NOTHING :) and maybe faster display, cause the old 25ms is slooow, ghosting included...

D R Fz4634d ago

If the next version utilizes a second analog stick, i would be sold. I would buy 3 at launch for absolutely no reason. Well, maybe not. College currently keeps my funds low.

Maldread4634d ago

i think it misses the main point of why PSP isn`t doing better. Sure longer battery time, onboard flash, a better screen, and extra analog stick or a redesigned control mechanism, would be most welcomed, i`m not totally convinced that a camera and gps could "save" it. It would be fun, but how much would it cost ? Because that`s what`s wrong with the PSP (and to some extent PS3).

The price and the lack of really well made games for the platform (PS3 is looking better on the gamesfront than PSP, just to clarify). The PSP needs better games, made specific for the platform. At the current moment there just isn`t enough of such games, to make me buy one. And i`m not sure if this redesigns suggestions would not be enough for me either. Maybe the before-FF7 will, but we`ll see.

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