Comparing Armored Core 4 For Xbox 360 And PS3

Armored Core 4 has been available for the PS3 for sometime now, and the 360 demo has hit Xbox Live. There are differences, which people have latched on.

From a pinged Insert Credit and GameSetWatch's Ollie about the differences, Ollie noticed that the PS3 version has subtler heat haze effects, and while many believe the 360 demo has full screen anti-aliasing, Ollie believes otherwise. He says, rather, that the it's just the blur filter the Xbox 360 has - The XBOX had it, too.

Effects in the PS3 version seem to be hardware rendered, while in the Xbox 360 version, they are software rendered. What's more, Ollie points out that the frame-rates in both versions seem comparable (though, some people think otherwise). He adds that there are frame-rate drops in the PS3 version, but its only in two missions.

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FordGTGuy4633d ago

There are no grounds for an official comparison.

eques judicii4633d ago

also... i can't see the differences they are pointing out from those screens... heat effects you need to see in motion to compare and other than that the differences seem to come from parts of the mech being in slightly different positions. also, like ford said, until the full version is out, you can't compare to a demo. Lost planets load times in the demo were extremely long, but the full version has very very fast load times. But even if the 360 version is slightly weaker, its because the a game is a port... but since they are so remarkably similiar you have to agree that the systems are comparable in power...

GaMr-4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

This has reached a new level of pointlessness. OK rename it "Pointless non-comparison".

EDIT: Fine if its on kotaku then maybe people do want to read this after all.

ownallconsoles4633d ago

XBOX 360 Got owned. XBox 360, how does it feel to have a port now? Now what can the 360 fans say? Developers are lazy? It's just a demo? LOLLLL!! And when the ps3 recieved bad ports they were the first to say its bcuz the ps3 is weaker. Well, look how the cooki crumbles. HAHAHA.

nambo4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

Can you not comprehend (this means understand) what is being pointed out?
Less jaggies on the 360 (some are saying the 360 has full screen AA), reflection on the building on the 360, better heat effect and better frame rates for the 360. And this is just the demo. They'll be doing more polishing before the release. This could be because if the additin al time the 360 has had, but I think the point is that the 360 looks better.

Stop being such a fanboy and think. Maybe you should play less games and study a bit more.

JPomper4633d ago

God... every post you make on this site just affirms what kind of middle school mentality you have.

TOM4633d ago

But the thing you seem to have missed is the fact that the ps3 is looking worse(though not by much)and it was the lead console. Way to look the fool, fanboy. All this power the ps3 has according to sony,maybe one day it will show. Nearly ever game that comes out on both systems the 360 version looks and plays better,and yet the 360 is over a year old........too funny.

Gamer luv4633d ago

Theres nothing more that i hate then a silly coon who acts like a total dumbass.

Especialy one who is a complete fanboy.

Call me a fanboy? Read my posts.

Grown Folks Talk4633d ago

you can't call him a fanboy. you sure as hell can call him racist though.

GaMr-4633d ago

"silly coon" Dude....its just a videogame. Is their a need to racially bash someone over a console. Your taking this gaming thing a little too serious buddy. Lighten up before you turn the console war to a civil war.

nambo4633d ago

WTF. Although I thought ownallconsoles's comment was ignorant, and I've read a lot of ignorant comments on this site, I would have to say not only is your comment the most ignorant of them all, that your racist attitude makes you the most ignorant person on this site. It's just a game.

D R Fz4633d ago

was that really necessary? It really wasn't. Even though we all have our own opinions about different things, it does not mean we should hate each other over those opinions. Especially when it results in racial bashing of any sort. Please don't get too carried away when posting comments, we are all free to voice our views concerning the news posted on this site.

ASSASSYN 36o4633d ago

I took a bubble for that dumb comment. You obviously didn`t read the article.

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Scrumptious4633d ago

I think this guy has his facts backwards. Since the 360 GPU is 2 generations ahead of the PS3's, it should be the PS3 that uses software rendering to acomplish specail effects. This has been stated numerous times on the PS3's launch software. The GPU cannot render all the effects, and outsources to the CPU. 4xAA and HDR are free on the 360 GPU, so what is this talk of a "blur filter"?

The only difference I see is jaggies on the PS3 and overdone HDR due to software rendering.

DJ4633d ago

either 360 devs are lazy or you're just talking out of your ass.

R34GTR4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

Im no game dev but I have dev friends in a few companies small and large. From what I here the hardware rendering of the PS3 is amazing. The cell is capable of rendering elements in real-time and in 3-D. Here is my non-dev simple way of summing that up.

Normally when you see an element in a video game its a 2D image looped over and over again to produce the effect of fire burning or water running, rain drops... etc.

Well with the cell they are using full 3D images and rendering them in real time so the patterns actually change. Wich means no two waves will be the same or rain drops will actually bounce in different directions, Leaves will change directions when they sway in the wind. Adding a great level of realism.

Like I said im not a game dev im just trying to re-state what was told to me in lamen-terms so dont bash me. Dont take my word for it though. Check out Lair on the PS3 when its released. Thats going to be one of the first games to utilize that technology.

ACE4633d ago

thats big coming from the biggest sony fanatic on this site lol .

u sony fanatics r funny keeps us laughing lol

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