Dark Sector - The Games Company announces the PC edition

Shooter fans, here's the big news: TGC has just announced the PC edition of "Dark Sector". You can expect spectacular boss fights and levels with a large diversity in this cinematic action blockbuster.

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manwich254823d ago

Great Game but it just got lost in the shuffle

kharma454822d ago

Totally agree, this was a vastly under-rated game! In the UK DS can be got for £8 or so, get it!!

Stu19814822d ago

Definitely one of the best games of last year!

Blaze9294822d ago

I hope they make a sequel. The game was actually pretty damn nice, just very under rated

Dmitry Orlov4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

didn't they release the pc version worldwide right from the start?

dirthurts4822d ago

Never made it to pc. I played it on my xbox. I'll be picking it up for my PC now. I'm excited! Love this game. It will be cheap too.

xionpunk4822d ago

i got this game for 8 dollars and loved it.

Unicron4822d ago

Yeah, picked it up new for $10. Real cool game.

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